Meet Your Tantric Guide

My name is Hama, a Tantric Massage Therapist & Pleasure Dom. Step into the transformative embrace of my energy, where we will weave threads of pleasure into the tapestry of your physical, mental and spiritual being. Rooted in the grounding energy of the Earth, every encounter with me is infused with a profound connection that echoes through the core of your being.

I have been training for over 8 years to reach this point in my career, however learning is a life long journey and I am constantly working to improve myself. I have trained using traditional academic routes as well as learning from Tantric, Holistic and Shamanic Mentors. I am trauma and kink informed and am also qualified with many years experience as follows:

Tantric Massage Therapist

Shamanic Practitioner

Master Intuitive Life Coach

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

Dimensional Reiki Practitioner

Amaran Reiki Practitioner

Colour Life Palette Consultant

Intuitive Life Purpose Consultant

My Responsibilities As Your Guide

As a Pleasure Dom my satisfaction and joy stem from helping my clients to unlock the full capacity of their pleasure be that through slow, sensual Tantric Massage or by catering to or unlocking their deviant desires in the more intense Shadow Tantric Massage.

My Role Within The Dynamic

Establishing clear boundaries and consent with my clients.

Communicating effectively to understand my clients desires, limits, and fantasies.

Create an environment where my clients can freely express their desires, fantasies, and boundaries without fear of judgment.

Actively listen to my clients, paying attention to verbal and nonverbal cues to ensure their comfort and enjoyment.

Craft customised experiences for my clients, understanding that each individual’s preferences and needs are unique.

Take charge of scenes and guide my clients through various experiences.

Provide customised aftercare and emotional support to my clients.


My Qualities

As a Tantric Massage Therapist and Pleasure Dom I have the following  qualities:

Empathy and emotional intelligence to understand and respond to my clients needs.

Strong communication skills to establish and maintain consent and boundaries.

Knowledge of many BDSM practices, techniques, and safety protocols.

Creativity and adaptability to cater to my clients unique desires and fantasies.

Patience and understanding to navigate the complexities of power dynamics and emotional vulnerability.

I follow the RACK ethos at all times.

My path is one of uplifting, positive reinforcement, and empowerment. As your Pleasure Dom, I prioritize the sanctity of our journey, ensuring that every step is taken with consent and mindfulness. Together, we navigate the realms of pleasure, crafting a narrative of self-rediscovery within the safety and respect of established boundaries.